Brinks Home came with a business and brand challenge: help us build profitable accounts at scale for life, with a brand that will drive consumer choice. Our key finding landed us on the territory of Platinum Grade Protection, which was a nod to Brinks Home’s past, differentiated from competitors who were moving towards approachability, and was an enticing proposition for our target audience.
Huge Inc
Brand Design

The new tagline, Security for Life, encapsulated not only the business objectives but set the expectation around Brinks Home’s brand experience.

As a result Brinks has adopted the new visual system that combines sophistication with expertise, and pushes them in a direction that gives them the calm credibility of a home security provider that gets the job done. Brinks has continued to institutionalize this work as the guiding life for the organization across all channels for advertising, web, print and digital media to internal initiatives.

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